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Anonymous asked: So I have a genuine question. I saw that post about animal cruelty. If I am a vegetarian who eats the eggs my chickens lay is that okay? I'm trying to be more conscience...


If your chickens have not been harmed or put in a certain state to do so and live a good life beyond that, then it’s okay.

The reason I am generally against eggs that you buy from industries is because thousands of male chicks are put in a grinder because they are useless and the female chicks have their beaks melted off for the most part. I’m against the cruelty.

If there is no cruelty and your chicks just lay eggs and you pick them up, then I don’t believe there is anything wrong with that.

Even if i became mostly vegan, i would probably still eat eggs from my own chickens- if not fertilized. But that’s it

Anonymous asked: I have a problem - after I get home from school I workout and eat a good healthy dinner, then completely mess it all up by eating either loads of cake or chocolate or just binging on like, anything sweet. I can't stop and it's what's ruining my overall diet 😤 can you help?? Xxx


Try staying out of the kitchen after dinner. Take a shower, maybe catch up on homework, and then get ready for bed. Just keep yourself busy and out of the kitchen xx

That’s really good advice, I have the same problem