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onlymyroad asked: I've had a bad week, didn't workout at all and ate much junk, really bad. some german friends visited me, that's why I didn't stick to my habits. I've gained about 5 pounds, do you think it will be hard to lose them? I feel like such a failure :(


You’re not a failure!!! Your friends came to visit and have a good time so you’re totally allowed to indulge once in a while. Just start eating clean and work out! Drink tons of water too. It’s not the end of the world and it’s totally okay if your weight is fluctuating. Start fresh tomorrow!

It won’t be hard to lose them, its probably water weight. Never regret a good binge. Stop focusing on the scale and focus on how you feel. Go ahead and binge once in a while, it won’t kill you and sometimes its even good.

Anonymous asked: So when I eat oatmeal for breakfast, I like it with sugar, like a LOT of sugar. Approximately 2 tablespoons per bowl (I only eat one bowl a day tho). This is the only way it tastes good to me, but since I'm adding sugar to it, should I maybe eat something else instead? Like it only comes to around 200 calories a bowl, but I was just wondering since I'm trying to lose weight, and obviously, added sugar won't help with that.


Those two tablespoons won’t kill you but how about trying stevia or Splenda as a sweetener? Most of those sweeteners have lower to no calories.

Splenda is sucralose and lots of people actually gain wait with it.
I have also learned that stevia isn’t that great either.
Go with coconut sugar, or agave nectar.
Or stick with sugar because you want more energy in the morning anyways, and if you’re not constantly having sugar then it is completely fine.

"We don’t eat calories. We eat food."

- my dietician (via recoverysoundsfun)

We do eat calories calories are food food is energy calories are energy

(via stay----motivated)